Organic bentonite: HY-738C
Product features

HY-738C (new organic bentonite) is a kind of improved rheological additive with the properties of self-activation,high-gelling efficiency, high thixotropy and transparency. It is easy to disperse and the dispersion fineness is very small. It can be used in low to medium polar systems. HY-738C is widely used in the fields of coating, paint, ink, sealant, cosmetic etc.

(1) High viscosity: It has high gelling viscosity and thixotropy in low to medium polar solvent systems or resinsystems.

(2) Easy to disperse: It is unnecessary to add polar activator when it disperses. It has the properties of highdispersing and gelling speed and small dispersing fineness. It has obvious advantages over equivalent domestic products.

(3) High transparency: As its dispersion performance is superior, the distribution of particle size is concentrated andthe transparency is very high.

Appearance and physicochemical indexes

Use method

HY-738C is unnecessary to be used as pre-gel. It can be directly added during any period of the preparation process of coatings and inks. Compared with ordinary products, it has better efficiency and the dosage is less.

The amount of HY-738C is usually 0.2*3.0% of the system (by weight).


ordinary paint and mill base、ink、adhesive、industrial paint、anti-

corrosion paint marine paint

Package and storage

The package consists of external package (brown paper bag) and internal package (polyethylene film bag). The valve bag is also available and the weight is usually 25 ± 0.25Kg. The package can also be customized. If stored in dry place and kept packaged (at the temperature of 0℃ ~ 30℃ ),the organic bentonite is effective within 36 months.

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