Organic bentonite:HY-708B

Organic bentonite:HY-708B 

Product features

HY-708B is a kind of traditional highly purified organic bentonite, which is modified from quaternary ammonium 

salt. It is a kind of excellent anti-settling and thixotropic agent that used in solvent system. It is widely used in low 

to medium polar solvents paints and inks etc.

Appearance and physicochemical indexes

Use method

HY-708B, it Is better to be used as pre-gel. It should be added before grinding your products (such as paints,  

pigments, coatings etc.). To get the best dispersion effect, it is best to use high-shearing device. HY-7086 needs 

polar activator to ftjlly disperse. The available polar activators are as follows: propylene cartXKiate, 

methanol/water (95/5)r ethanol/water (95/5) or acetone. The proper amount of polar activator can be adjusted 

according to different systems. Generally, the amount of polar activator is 30~50% of organic bentonite.


•ordinary paint and mill base       •lndustriat paint

•adhesive                               •marine paint

•anti-corrosion paint               •drilling mud


The amount of HY-7086 is usually 0.2~3.0% of the system (by weight). Package and storage The package 

consists of external package (brown paper bag) arxj internal package (polyethylene film bag). The valve bag 

Is also available and the weight is usually 25 ± 0.25Kg. The package can also be customized. If stored In dry place 

and kept packaged (at the temperature of Ot: ~30*C ), the organic bentonite is effective within 36 months.

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