HY Series Organic Bentonite

HY Series Organic Bentonite Use Method

HY series organic bentonite is made by excelent bentonite with the processing of highly purified, modied and ion exchange into organic covering agent, it is a sheet stucure prouct, if you want the organc bentonite to play a better perfomance, you need to separate its shee-structure as much as possible. This proess usually needs to be provided with mechanical energy, chemical energy and heat energy.      

Use Method:                        

Dry powder method:                        

Dry powder method is that add the dry powder directly into the system during the prodution process, it doesn't need the polar activator, such as HY-2, HY-S2, HY-S34,HY-120,HY-170.            

pre-gel Method:                        

For por wetability resin systems (such as epoxy polester, short oil alkyd resin etc.) it is better to use HY seies organic bentonite by pre gel.            

(1) composed of pre gel: solvent 87%, organic bentonite 8-10%, polar activator 3-4%.            

(2) preparation of pre gel: solvent and organic bentonite (mixe 10min lully etabilty then add the polar activator (stirring for 5min,full expansion).            

Other Information:                        

The dispersion speed                        

No matter you use any one method, bentonite products must be throughly dispersed to be a gel, so it can show its properties as thixotropy, anti setling and thickng effect, this kind of dispersion need extra high shear force, for example, to use high speed dispersion machine,three roller mill,colloid mill,sand grinding or milling.If the shear force  and activation enery is enough, it is easy  to obtain gel. The organc bentonite eficiency increased with the increase of dispersion speed.            

Dispersion temperature                        

Increasing the temperature can also improve the gel property. The gel property with high temperature solvent is better than the low temperature (0 ℃ -5 ℃ ) solvent when the other conditions keep the same. But the dispersion temperature can not exceed the bolling point of activation solvent.            

Activating agent1                        

The polar addtive can help the sheet-laver structure bentonite easiy form a layer-sheet stuture, thus formed a thixotropic gel, polar addtives such as ethanol, methanol, acetone, propylene carbonate, the add amount of polar additives is generally 30%-50% of the organic bentonite.            


Oroanic bentonite must have enough moisture to develop into a network structure pre gel, the water molecules forming a bridge for the network structure, so the oranic bentonite should not be too dy, the eneral moisture content should be around 3.5%, polar aditives should not use anhvdrous, the suitable content of the olar aditivs is appropriate 95% (the moisture is 5%).

Application of Organic Bentonite in Drilling Mud

Oil based mud can effectively drilling in complex stratum, in case of expansive mud stones, hale rock, salt rock, gypsum, which can prevent the collapse of the drilling; as it can also prevent mud expansion, it could protect the permeability of oil and gas reservoirs, it is suitable for low or high pressure oil and gas reservoir. The stability in high temperature is very strong, it is suitable for drilling in super deep well, oil base mud has super anti-corrision ability for metal against CO2, H20, which can make the life of the bit longer, and it can be used as drilling fluid for coring.

Oil based mud is mainly used for solving the differential pressure sticking occurred in the process of drilling accidents, oil base mud rheological and filt ation solutions good performance, strong anti-pollution ability, viscosity coefficient of filter materials.            

In emulsified oil base drilling mud, inverse emulsion oil base drilling mud, oil base drilling mud and oil base mud formulation solution, when the solvent is diesel based, select HY-120, HY-758 organic bentonite, when the solvent is mineral oill based, the best choice is HY-738Y organic bentonite, it can make the mud suspended, articles layer well, wall and anti-filtration effect, when the medium pressure and temperature at 108PA and 230℃, it could still maintain the stability of chemical and physical.             

Application of Bentonite in the Lubricating Grease.            

For the lubricating grease which contains organic bentonite, in order to achieve the best performance, you need to add polarity acivtor into the ystem. The activator used in ubricating grease production (with organic entonte) is listed as below:            

Acetone, methanol(95%), ethanol (95%), propylene carbonate, ether derivatives : 

Usualy, the preferred acivatr is cartonate propylene ester gycol ether derivatives, because the use of acetone and methanol (95%), ethanol 95%) will cause a low flash point of the grease. The production of grease which use organic bentonite, such as HY-738 and HY- 758, in the fnal stage need high shear force to achieve the ideal expansion, using colloid mill can achieve high shear force.            

The add method of HY-738:            

1. Make the temperature to 60-80℃。            

2. stiring while adding HY-738 (6-10% of the total system) stirring for 10-20 minutes.            

3. add the polar activator (3% carbonate propyene ), then add additives, preservatives, antioxidants, metal deactivator, stirring for 25-30 minutes.            

4. Use pump make it through the colloid grinding or homogenizer.            

5. Outgassing, filtering, then packing the lubricating grease.            

The add method of HY-758:            

1. heating the 1/3-1/2 grease'.s temperature to 60℃            

2. stirring while adding HY-758 (6-10% of the total system) stirring for 10-20 minutes.            

3. add the polar activator (3% carbonate propylene), stirring for 25-30 minutes.            

4. under the condition of stirring, the required additives are added to the remaining grease,stirring for 25-30 minutes.            

5. Use pump make it through the colloid grinding or homogenizer.            

6. Outgassing, fittering, then packing the lubricating grease.            

The advantages of lubricating grease with organic bentonite:            

1. Make the high boiling point lubricating grease used in high temperature.          

2. Based on organic bentonite gelling agent, lubricating oil can also maintain good lubrication even at a low temperature.            

3. Lubricating grease with gelling agent has excellent anti - permeability.            

4. it has excellent water resistance.