HY series inorganic gel

Main Products : HY-30C,HY-30E,HY-30EV,HY-EW-2, HY-30 lithium-based


HY series water- based bentonite rheological additives (inorganic gel) is a kind of natural aluminum,magnesium silicate, rheological additives. It is a purification of modified montmorillonite clay with the features of gray-white, non-toxic, tasteless, soft texture powder, the main ingredient for the product is hydrophilic, high- purity (modified) montmorillonite, its colloidal system is similar to Vanderbilt and Colloid Company* s Veegum or Magnabrite products. With excellent swellability in water, colloidal dispersion, suspension, thickening and thixotropy, it is the excellent anti-settling agent, emulsion stabilizers and rheological additives for water-based system, and further it has good adsorption, ion exchangeability, non-migration adhesion, etc. In some areas,it is becoming an excellent assistant new type of alternative materials.


The product has the following characteristics:

1. Strong thixotropy: high shear with low viscosity, low shear with high viscosity,thixotropic index is 6.0

2. Wide PH range: within PH5-12 play a thickening function.

3. Easy dispersion: without process for the preparation of the pre-gel, without a polar activator.

4. Stability: superior biochemistry stability, good thermal stability.

5. Compatibility: good compatibility with alcohols and highly polar solvents (such as glycerin,sorbitol).

6. Economical Efficiency: it will reduce the cost when using the product alone.Mixed with the cellulose aether,acrylic acid will improve the rheological property,and reduce the costs at the same.